Probate Season

Probate season is full swing at Hampton University! The divine 9 is making a swift comeback making their full presence be known for the first time in close to 5 years.  Student anticipation rose throughout the week as family and friends celebrated and welcomed the new lines on campus. The Zetas were just one organization who continued their blue and white tradition and had their probate in the student center as opposed to Holland gym. None of this could top the  student excitement  for the 12-2  as Zetas,  Alphas,  Deltas, and Omegas turn the student center up.




12-2 in full swing

12-2 in full swing

Every Friday from 12-2 Hampton University’s student center comes to life. Filled with music, food, and friends 12-2 is a place where you come and socialize with your fellow pirates in between classes. The 12-2 tradition is coordinated by the Hampton University Student Government Association and each week a different student group on hosts it.

This week’s 12- 2 is hosted in honor of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Anniversary Week. Omega Psi Phi invites you and your friends to come for cake and to stomp with the big dogs!

12 Years a Slave

In Upstate New York, black freeman Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), is approached by two circus promoters who offer him a  high-paying job with their traveling circus. Without warning, he wakes to find himself  bound in the cell of a slave pen. He immediately states his rights as a slave and for the first time in his life is beaten and told to never to mention his freedom again.

Throughout his twelve years a a slave he experiences cruel hardships residing at some of the most notorious plantations in the South. He witnesses acts that he couldn’t have imagined as a free man and unfortunately is even given the role of driver, requiring him to oversee the work of fellow slaves and beat them, until their entire bodies were covered in flesh wounds.


It’s not until he confides in a white carpenter (played by Brad Pitt) that Solomons true identity is revealed as a free man. Sympathic of Solomon, he sends a letter up north to Northup’s family. It is only then that Solomon regains his freedom and is rescued by his family lawyer and taken back up north to reunite with his family.

“12 Years a Slave” is a  an excellent depiction of many African- Americans life during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.  Featuring an all star cast, Director Stephen McQueen, provides a raw, and to some unfavorable, reality of America’s dark, cruel history.

Marc Madness


On August 9, 2013 Marc Jacobs introduced his new fully serviced makeup line Marc! The new luxury make up line features over 124 different brushes, glosses, nail polishes, eyeshadows making my trip to Sephora a special treat. I had a hard time choosing between the glosses but finally settled on Lust for Lacquer , a pinkish purplish gloss that by itself feels soft and amazing on my lips and looks even better. Try pairing it with a dark red or purple lipstick for a plum lip, perfect for winter! If you want to splurge also try Marc’s mascara Lash Lifter, a gel consistency that gave my eyelashes plenty of volume without clumping!


Introducing Nya Peets…


At only 21, Nya Gabrielle Peets is well on her to making herself a household name. In addition to being a full time student and freelance publicist, Ms. Peets, is also founder of a new public relations blog Branded Business. Launched on September 25, 2013, Branded Business, spotlights and follows celebrities and various media venues publicity stunts and how these stunts are used to expand their brands. “Studying PR it has forced me to focus on my craft.. People hear about publicity stunts, but do not really know the extent of it.”
When not focused on any of her current projects, Nya loves to indulge in documentaries and biographies.Hailing from Montclair, a small city in New Jersey, she hopes one day to have her own successfully branded PR agency. “I want all the right people to  recognize me as the go-to publicist,” says Peets.  
Interested in becoming a brand but don’t know where to start?   “Don’t be afraid to be different! Take a chance and shake things up, she says. It’s pay to find yourself alone among success, because mediocrity is for the masses.”